Apogee Electronics Corp.

1715 Berkeley Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404


GBC 2023-2026

Apogee was born out of an innovation that vastly improved the quality of audio recording. Founded in 1985, Apogee Electronics designs and manufactures award-winning audio recording solutions.  For the last 3 decades, its manufacturing has been entirely in Southern California.  Apogee complies with the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) by providing complete product return/removal services. The WEEE addresses the End of Life (EOL) phase of products and contributes to the reduction of wasteful consumption of natural resources.  From minimizing plastic and environmentally harmful components in its products and packaging, to installing solar panels on its Santa Monica headquarters, Apogee is committed to constantly improving and evaluating its impact on the local and global community. 

CEO and Co-Founder Betty Bennett’s intentions are to implement all feasible methods to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Bennett explains, “Apogee’s commitment to the environment is a priority. We are doing our best to create a workplace that is conducive to creativity, productivity and environmental awareness.”

Apogee is in process of implementing a new strategy to deal with expired / old products.  Their team will have a separate web page where customers will have information on how to deal with older products. The page will include a guide to product trading-up incentives, a list of charitable causes, or resources for proper ways to recycle them. Additionally, going forward new products will include messaging on the package encouraging the customer to recycle or up-cycle the product.  Apogee also uses high-efficiency A/C, LED lighting, computer systems, and effective use of natural light. 

Apogee eliminated the use of single-use plastic items in their staff kitchen – replacing them with reusable plates, cups, silverware and even steel straws!  A zero waste station comprises of a blue (recycling), green (organics), and black (trash) bin.  Staff composts leftover food scraps and landscape waste.