Bru's Wiffle

2408 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

GBC 2018-2021

Bru’s Wiffle is a cheery, family-friendly restaurant with a comfortable and cherry atmosphere. Everything is made from scratch, using whole food ingredients. The woman owned founder, Ebru Fidan Caplan, was born and raised in Turkey. She grew up in her family's hotel and restaurant business, learning the art of cooking. Bru’s Wiffle procures regularly from local Farmers Markets. The menu includes a range of healthy options like salads and wraps. Their featured meatless item is “Shakshuka” made with chickpeas, fresh feta, in a tomato based sauce topped with two sunny side up eggs served with your choice of bread.

Bru’s Wiffle incorporates many practices in line with her zero waste mission- including providing straws and plastic utensils only “upon request”. They arranged for their chemical supply company, Auto-Chlor, to refill containers with their EPA Safer Choice rated Green Kleen GK-6 All Purpose Cleaner. Bru’s employees take customer orders on reused draft paper cut into notepads. Reusing an item over an over before recycling– is always a more resource efficient and sustainable option.  Supporting Santa Monica’s Zero Waste by 2030 goal, Bru’s Wiffle recycles cans, plastic and glass in the blue bin, and compost food scraps from kitchen prep via Santa Monica’s Food Waste program. All of these combined efforts contribute to Bru’s Wiffle diverting close to 90% of their waste stream from ending up in landfill. 

Bru’s dining area is lit by the sun and energy efficient dimmable cold cathodes. Water conservation measures include high efficiency faucets installed in kitchen and restrooms. Bru’s Wiffle is a committed sustainable business leader, having maintained green certification since 2011.