Bru's Wiffle

2408 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

GBC 2014-16

Bru’s Wiffle is a cheery, family-friendly Waffle Joint where everything (including the waffles!) is made from scratch, using whole food ingredients. Owner, Ebru Fidan Caplan, purchases 20% of her produce from local Santa Monica Farmers Markets – and the remainder produce is locally sourced from California. Bru’s menu features unique and delicious waffles like gluten-free, basil pesto, hormone-free chicken, and banana split. Kid-sized waffles are served at kid-sized prices. You can also enjoy non-waffle items like veggie wraps, and eggs benedict.

Bru’s Wiffle is a successful zero waste restaurant establishment. With the addition of composting through Santa Monica’s Food Waste Composting program, and comprehensive co-mingled blue bin recycling, the waffle joint now diverts 80-90% of their waste stream from landfill.

You can also find many reduce and reuse practices at Bru’s - including arranging with her chemical supplier, Auto-Chlor, to refill her chemical containers onsite. Her bread delivery company, upon request, also reuses the paper bags her baked goods are delivered in. Bru’s Wiffle wait staff collects register receipts, staples them together, and takes orders on the reverse side. Reusing an item over an over before recycling– is always a more resource efficient and sustainable option.

Bru’s recently performed an energy retrofit, replacing a few compact fluorescents with dimmable cold cathode lights in her dining area. For water conservation, all hand sinks in kitchen and restrooms are fitted with 0.5 gallon per minute faucet aerators. Bru’s won SQA 2013 Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment.