Case Stack

3000 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

GBC 2015-17

CaseStack is a leading provider of outsourced logistics services for companies selling products to retailers, distributors and other manufacturers with proprietary web-based software. CaseStack collaborates with retailers and other partners to provide sustainable logistics solutions that eliminate systemic supply chain waste by optimizing transportation routes, coordinating shared warehouse and transportation assets, and analytics to drive efficient resource allocation.

CaseStack emphasizes efficiency through several initiatives including energy efficient warehouse upgrades and Retailer Consolidation Programs. CaseStack’s solutions are based on a common sense model; reduce waste and maximize efficiency by streamlining processes and consolidating resources.

CaseStack’s Retailer Consolidation Programs help conserve natural resources by reducing dock congestion, improving warehouse efficiencies and decreasing the number of trucks on the highway. The resulting supply chain consumes less energy and produces lower amounts of carbon emissions; fewer trucks on the road results in fewer interactions with motorists and safer highways.

CaseStack strives for zero waste in their office by supplying each employee with a branded CaseStack mug to use for refills instead of disposable cups. In return, the company eliminated the purchase of paper cups facility wide. To close the recycling loop, CaseStack purchases paper products containing post-consumer content like printing paper, paper towels, facial tissue, and napkins.