CBS Global Distribution

2450 Colorado Ave. #500E
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 264-3300

GBC 2019-2022

The CBS Global Distribution (CGD) office located in Santa Monica’s LEED® Gold-rated Water Garden Office Park, achieved Green Business Certification in 6 months.

The CBS Eye on the Environment program is dedicated to conserving resources, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving well-being across CBS. CGD joined the CBS Green Office program to implement sustainability measures within their office that align with the Santa Monica Green Business Certification. In collaboration with CBRE property management, CGD completed an office-wide lighting retrofit to LEDs, dramatically reducing the office’s electricity usage and CBRE’s cost of energy.

CGD’s successes also include great strides to divert waste from landfill after improving their blue bin recycling and composting programs. As a certification requirement, they scheduled a one hour training to educate staff on their optimized zero waste stations. CGD is reducing disposable tableware use with reusable plates, bowl, and mugs in line with Santa Monica’s goal to be zero waste by 2020.

To close the recycling loop, CGD procures remanufactured copier toner cartridges and paper products with recycled content. To support Santa Monica’s Sustainable Food Commitment, the office began purchasing USDA Organic fruits listed on EWG’s dirty dozen pesticides in produce list. The office Green Team comprises of 22 employees ranging from Facilities to HR, who are committed to continue educating and inspiring employees around sustainability.