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GBC 2020-2023

Edmunds guides car shoppers online from research to purchase. With in-depth reviews of every new vehicle, shopping tips from an in-house team of experts, plus a wealth of consumer and automotive market insights, Edmunds helps millions of shoppers each month select, price and buy a car with confidence.

In 2019, an employee-led initiative called Steering Green, spearheaded by a group of Edmunds facility and purchasing staff, was established to promote policies that emphasize environmental sustainability and conservation. The Steering Green team succeeded in requesting that its Property Manager, Boston

Properties, use only “Green Certified” chemicals throughout the leased office space. Other notable

Edmunds accomplishments include:

  • Creating an environmental policy, which has been incorporated into the employee handbook and new employee training.
  • A commitment to purchase 30% of its office paper, paper napkins and paper towels out of postconsumer recycled content, as documented in its Sustainable Purchasing guidelines.
  • LED lighting retrofit of its office space, including occupancy sensors to limit energy use for areas not in use.
  • Installing high efficiency water fixtures, including metered hand sink faucets, kitchen faucets and toilets.
  • In collaboration with its marketing team, Steering Green created customized signage to encourage water conservation and guidance on placing materials correctly in the proper three- stream zero waste stations for separating trash, recycling, and organics.
  • Winner of the 2018 and 2019 GoSaMo Achievement Awards for its outstanding sustainable employee commuting programs.

Edmunds is committed to continue its sustainability and conservation efforts by encouraging employees to minimize the amount of paper they generate, and providing receptacles for employees to recycle coffee K-cup and Nespresso pods. Edmunds will use a systematic approach to conserve energy and natural resources, along with educating and inspiring its workforce to continuously improve on the environmental program already in place.