Hang Ups Unlimited

1904 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(800) 461-8154


GBC 2020-23

Hang-Ups Unlimited offers a wide selection of products for point of purchase displays in retail environments from ceiling signs and banners, to their patented “Ladderless” GC grid clip. As a manufacturer and distributor of stock and custom sign/banner/graphic hanging hardware and accessories, Hang-Ups Unlimited offers factory direct pricing on products ranging from sign hanging kits, to ceiling hooks, cables and adhesive mounts. Hang-Ups is one of the few manufacturers to custom make and distribute hang tabs made from PLA (a corn-based plastic). Most hang tabs are made from PCV.

With Hang-Ups online store, comes an innovative packing process that incorporates excellent reuse strategies. They purchased a corrugated converter that takes used cardboard boxes and turns them into a high quality packing cushion material – which means they simply reuse the cardboard received in shipments. This practically eliminates the purchasing of packaging material and reduces the amount of material transported for recycling. Print cartridges are also reused several times before being recycled – staff refills them with toner and ink onsite.

In 2014, Hang-Ups installed solar panels on two of their building roof tops with Solar Forward. These panels produce enough energy from the sun to completely power the office building – and any energy produced in excess is sold back to Southern California Edison.