Perry's Cafe & Beach Rentals

2400 Ocean Front Walk
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 939-0000

GBC 2018-21

Perry's Cafés & Beach Rentals has been an integral part of the Los Angeles beach scene and an icon in the beach community for over 40 years. They offer an assortment of beach and bike rentals and healthy meal options to enjoy after, or before your beach cruise. Perry’s has nine prime locations throughout Santa Monica and Venice beach, including four open air Cafés. The 2400 Ocean Front Walk location is commended for their above and beyond practices supporting Sustainable Santa Monica’s goals.

After Sustainable Works connected Perry’s with LED Partnership’s lighting upgrade program, Perry’s replaced 348 fluorescents and incandescents with free to low-cost LEDs via SoCal Edison’s rebate programs! Estimated annual savings total 22,300 kWh, cutting over $4,000 in utility costs!

Perry’s Café and Beach Rentals is striving to be a zero waste business! By eliminating many individual packaged goods, participating in co-mingled blue bin recycling, and composting all food and dirty paper waste, Perry’s diverts approximately 75% of valuable materials from ending up in local landfills. Perry’s not only composts kitchen pre-consumer food waste through the City of Santa Monica’s Food Waste Composting program – but goes beyond by providing multiple Food Waste containers for patrons to compost leftovers. Other outstanding waste reduction measures include replacing individual portion condiment packages with bulk size dispensers for mustard, ketchup, relish and mayo, red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese.  It doesn’t stop there – coffee fixings like cream, organic milk and organic soy milk are refilled in insulated stainless steel thermal carafes. And they source one-at-a-time dispensers for napkins, to deter folks from taking more than they really need.  Disposables utensils and bags are only provided upon request.

Perry’s menu features many organically sourced ingredients like spinach, quinoa, honey, and granola. All locations brew Peet’s UDSA certified organic coffee and offer organic milk.  Perry’s delicious organic quinoa salad won “best sustainable food dish” at Santa Monica’s Buy Local Expo. By including many plant-based dishes on their menu, Perry’s supports Santa Monica’s Sustainable Food Movement.

"Perry's is saving more than $4,000 annually in energy costs. We also purchase eco-friendly products, save water and maintain a store-wide recycling program. We feel that it is our responsibility, and the duty of all business owners, to be green, to educate themselves, their staff and their customers."

Richard Chacker

Owner, Perry's Cafe & Rentals