Physical Therapyworks

719 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 260-9039

GBC 2018-2021

Physical Therapyworks believes in movement as medicine and are deeply committed to help achieve a speedy, lasting recovery through the most advanced, reliable and effective treatments available.  They create customized treatment plans for each patient. 

For energy efficiency, Physical Therapyworks participated in Edison’s Direct FREE Install program in 2015, installing more efficient T8's mounted on electronic ballasts. In 2018, they replaced their halogen lights with LEDs. In addition, window film was applied to reduce solar heat gain, occupancy sensors installed on restroom light switches, and their thermostat set to cool at 72 degrees. These combined retrofits reduce energy use by approximately 15%.


To decrease waste going to landfills Physical Therapyworks enhanced their recycling program with strategic bin placement displaying clear signage. To close the recycling loop, janitorial paper supplies and tissues are certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Additional Waste Reduction was achieved by recycling laser print cartridges, reducing junk mail, and switching from paper to electronic documentation.

Physical Therapyworks further streamlined their facility by: cutting water use by installing efficient faucet aerators and posting signs encouraging water conservation. Pollution prevention practices include a eliminating Triclosan from all hand cleaners, and stocking chemicals certified by Ecologo or EPA’s Safer Choice. Transportation Management measures include performing local errands on foot, installation of a bike rack for patients/clients, and having employees commuting by walk, bike and/or public transit when feasible.