sun moon rain: Recontained

2601 17th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 310-8711

GBC 2022-2025

sun moon rain is a zero-waste store with refillable products for the body, home & pets; & it also offers stylish & sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle accessories & positive energy crystal jewellery. The jewellery collection is handcrafted combining modern designs with the power & purity of semi-precious stones & crystals.

sun moon rain’s mission is to create an easy alternative to the single-use plastic that is so dramatically overflowing landfills, oceans & waterways. By offering sustainable & stylish everyday consumables, they enable everyone to make better choices.

sun moon rain curates a range of mindfully sourced, quality driven refillable products & partners with USA based labs to ensure their products are healthy, safe & cruelty free.   They offer their own high-quality glass & re-cycled plastic bottles or customers can BYOB. sun moon rain believes in transparency & accountability, providing a full list of ingredients for all their products right on the shelf.  

sun moon rain offers a range of zero-waste lifestyle accessories such as swedish dishcloths, reusable "un-paper" towels, bamboo brushes, natural sea sponges, recycled teak & natural stone soap & lotion bar dishes, water bottles & alternatives to plastic wraps to allow homes are reduce their carbon footprint.  Reusable cloths and towels are used in-house.  sun moon rain operates a paperless business. Receipts are only provided via text or email.

sun moon rain hopes that thorough their retail & on-line store, they can inspire to make smarter choices that contributes to a cleaner, greener planet for future generations to come.