Santa Monica Motel

2012 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 392-6806

GBC 2017-19

Located just seven blocks from the beach and accomplishing a recent comprehensive greening remodel, Santa Monica Motel (SMM) is an economy motel that offers very affordable Westside accommodations.  SMM upgraded their facility-wide lighting to LEDs, reduced water consumption, and diverted over 75% of valuable materials from landfill. All of these efforts were accomplished with the cooperation of General Manager, Sean Vanger, and his hard-working team. The maintenance personnel took advantage of receiving GBP training on reducing, reusing, and recycling of materials.  After working with GBP staff and City of Santa Monica R3 division, the bin disposal area was redesigned to streamline the waste management process and to facilitate scheduled city serviced collections.

Their comprehensive remodel consisted of installing 33 high-efficiency aerators in all their guest room hand sinks and reducing the shower flow from 2.5 to 1.5 gallons per minute.  To further reduce their water consumption, SMM retrofitted their sprinkler watering system to drip irrigation, and installed artificial turf. 

As a result of achieving certification, they cut water use by an estimated 43%.  For energy efficiency, SMM retrofitted 197 lights to LEDs, phasing out a range of incandescents and CFLs. Calculated annual savings total approximately $1,800 equating to 10,400 kWh.  To contribute to improved indoor air quality – SMM switched to an EPA Safer choice rated window cleaner from Staples Sustainable Earth.  After tracking a higher occupancy rate compared to 2016, Santa Monica Motel’s green efforts resulted in a substantial cost savings due to comprehensive energy and water efficiency measures.

Santa Monica Motel's team is extremely proud to be contributing to an overall success of a more efficient business operation after participating in Green Business Program and accomplishing certification.