2724 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 314-7676

GBC 2018-2021

Simples founder, Traci, believes her purpose in life is to serve the wild weeds and their healing properties. After working with an herbalist for many years, Traci came up with many herbal remedies and started brewing them for friends and family and witnessed firsthand the profound transformation that occurs with deep nourishment through brewing herbs. Following a successful career in film and advertising, Traci launched her first tonic store, “Simples”, on Main Street. Their mission:

To bring the nourishment and healing of wild plants to the mainstream

Within the realm of Apothecary, they make and brew organic herbal infusions, in addition to tinctures, digestive bitters, vinegars, and immune boosting shots. Their plant-based tonics are made from a variety of herbs, such as Nettle, Blue Pea, Chickweed, and Rose.

Simples practices a closed loop recycling system by growing the organic herbs in a private garden in Malibu. The discarded plant material used in brewing the herbal tonics are transported back to the garden for vermicomposting. An example of a perfect closed loop process – with no waste sent to local landfills. To further their zero waste effort, Simples sells branded reusable bags and provides – upon request- paper bags made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled content paper for in-store purchases.

Simples uses Ecologic Solutions’ non-toxic Green Seal certified cleaners facility wide. All water using fixtures are high efficiency and LEDs are installed throughout the store. They offer telecommuting opportunities and/or flexible schedules so workers can avoid heavy traffic commutes and provide secure bicycle storage. In simple terms, Simples truly practices the art of operating Sustainability.