1424 4th St., Suite 501
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 394-6460


GBC 2023-2026

Taking a holistic approach to incorporating sustainable design into the built environment makes SweisKloss, a Santa Monica based boutique design + construct firm, a positive force in the design build industry. Environmental responsibility is simply a part of their everyday practice. Whether it’s a custom home, a renovation, or a commercial office, SweisKloss organically integrates divergent elements to create singular spaces that nurture body and soul.

In addition to implementing thoughtful solutions in sustainability and resiliency in projects, SweisKloss runs a green office. Operable windows eliminate the need to turn on LED lights during the workday and allow cool cross breezes in their un-airconditioned office.

Striving to be zero-waste, SweisKloss staff reduces, reuses, and recycles, in that order. All food waste, coffee grounds, and food soiled paper are collected and composted.  The staff kitchen is stocked with reusable kitchenware (plates, cups, and utensils) as the company requests all disposables to be excluded from food deliveries. SweisKloss has replaced paper towels with washable fabric “un-paper” towels; those, cloth napkins, and cleaning rags are washed weekly. To avoid sending various food snack packaging to landfill, they purchased Terracycle’s All-in-One Zero Waste box that accepts discarded items that usually aren’t accepted by curbside recycling.

SweisKloss repurposes leftover material samples, such as wood flooring and tile, by donating them to reDiscover Center, Skirball Center, and UCLA Extension. One of the designers takes some of the samples home to upcycle into artwork.

To avoid contributing to rush hour traffic, staff works a flexible schedule. 30% of the staff bike, rollerblade, or carpool to work.

The SweisKloss Green Team meets on a consistent basis to brainstorm on the newest ways to operate even greener.