Teawaves, LLC

101 California Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403


GBC 2023-2026

Teawaves imports 50+ different strands of high-quality Fujian teas for wholesale to other tea companies.  They support ethical partnerships by working directly with the farmers to ensure high product standards.  They serve specialty cafes such as those located in high-end restaurants, hotels, clubs, healthy boba shops, and offices. In addition, they host educational events and tea tastings surrounding the characteristics and qualities of Chinese tea.  Teawaves will soon be sold for retail online and in farmers markets across the area.

Teawaves implemented an Environmental Policy that commits to the 3 Rs, toxics reduction and conservation of natural resources.  They use certified non-toxic laundry and cleaning products made by B-Corp ECOS  and Seventh Generation.  Teawaves operates a paperless office with no printer onsite. Their product labels are made with chlorine-free paper.  Procured janitorial paper products such as tissue paper contain 100% post-consumer content.  In addition, their office minimizes unwanted materials ending up in landfills by participating in organics and blue cart recycling programs serviced by Santa Monica’s Resource Recovery and Recycling Division .

Teawaves operates using only natural sunlight during daylight hours. Temperature is set at 66F for heating during winter months to conserve energy.  Their office is powered by 100% renewable energy via the Clean Power Alliance (CPA), a community choice energy program that delivers renewable energy in partnership with SoCal Edison utility.