The Albright

258 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica , CA 90401

GBC 2022-2025

The Albright, a family oriented seafood restaurant, offers a classic and relaxed seaside setting while providing a modern twist to casual seafood dining. Their menu reflects a commitment to sustainably caught seafood, locally sourced ingredients, as well as an extensive craft beer and California wine program. The Albright faithfully follows the triple bottom line framework and aims to help create a green movement across all businesses on the Santa Monica Pier.

The Albright believes that running a sustainable business supports other local businesses and vendors, and engenders a sense of respect and social responsibility from the Santa Monica community.

The Albright sources most of their fish from local wholesale distributor, Santa Monica Seafood, who rates the sustainability of their fish using a Responsible Sourcing Score included on each invoice.  Each fish species has a number assigned to it from 1-4, with 4 as greenest (Best Choice), 3 (Good Alternative), 2 (SMS Approved), and 1 as red (Avoid) species. The Albright ensures that at least 70% of their seafood is rated 'Best Choice' or ‘Good Alternative’.

To help prevent pollution and improve indoor air quality, The Albright uses a Hydrogen peroxide based cleaner to wipe down surfaces daily.  To eliminate the use of aerosol cans which can not be recycled, they switched to a Safer Choice® stainless steel cleaner in a trigger pump spray bottle.  Also, they give preference to chlorine-free paper products to reduce polluting water during the manufacturing process.  The Albright purchased a bike repair kit and tire pump to have available onsite to support over 30% of their staff to keep biking to work.

With plans to electrify their kitchen and install solar panels with an upcoming remodel, The Albright will take advantage of the Electrify Santa Monica Rebates.