The Julia Group

7th Street
Santa Monica, California 90405

(310) 717-9089

GBC 2022-2025

The Julia Group is a collaboration of professionals with expertise in statistics, mathematics, instructional technology, programming and evaluation. Their clients are predominantly educational, social service and contract research organizations who are experts in their own fields but need some additional staff in their specialty areas.

During the certification process, this home based office in Santa Monica retrofitted all of their lights to LEDs, turned on energy saving settings on all their current office equipment, and ensured that all new laptop purchases were Energy Star rated. They also adopted practices like turning off lights when leaving a room. All of these choices led to a reduction in their energy usage by 180 kWh and cost savings of over $200/month! 

The Julia Group also implemented sustainable procurement practices to give preference to eco-friendly paper products containing post-consumer recycled materials.  Paper made from 100% post-consumer waste is produced entirely from paper that comes directly out of your office or home recycling bin. Using post-consumer recycled paper helps eliminate the need for harvesting more virgin materials, and creates a demand for the paper we recycle, thereby closing the recycling loop.  Additional ecologlofical beneftis of of recycling paper include saving energy, water and landfill space.   The Julia Group also procures third-party certified non toxic cleaners and hydrogen peroxide based disinfectants to reduce indoor air pollution.  Lastly, they purchased 100% renewable energy from Edison, Santa Monica's local utility provider. 

The Julia Group is grateful for the increased sustainability awareness the Green certification process has brought to their staff team.