Three Squares Inc.

1507 7th Street #105
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(888) 285-7782

GBC 2021-2024 Innovator

Three Squares Inc. (TSI) is an award-winning sustainability consulting firm and the first in the U.S. to achieve ISO 20121 certification. Having worked on all seven continents (including Antarctica), TSI is a global leader in developing and implementing sustainability plans for governments, corporations, investors, and industry groups.   

TSI carries a robust client roster and enjoys working with organizations that embrace sustainable practices, including Nike, ESPN, Honda, Disney, LVMH, United Airlines, and more. The company’s core service areas include:         

  • Guiding businesses, investors, and governments in transforming their operations, establishing sustainability policies and processes, managing risk, and capturing opportunities for efficiency gains.                  
  • Corporate ESG Strategy & Reporting: Delivering ESG advisory services at the board level and complete strategy services at the organizational level.     
  • Designing effective climate communications through brand positioning, messaging, and community outreach.                                 
  • Sustainable Marketing & Events: Aligning events and marketing activities with ambitious corporate sustainability goals and industry certifications.                                         
  • Curating small group Arctic expeditions that inspire climate action through environmental science education, exhilarating experiences in nature, and moments of personal reflection.                  

TSI is committed to achieving excellence in climate action. The company’s sustainability strategy includes sourcing 100% renewable energy, utilizing energy and water efficient technologies, building entirely vegetarian menus for company events, incentivizing low-carbon commuting methods for employees, and purchasing green certified products made by local, small businesses. TSI also educates employees about sustainable behaviors, including minimizing the use of artificial lights in favor of natural sunlight, using energy saving settings on EPEAT registered computers, and powering down all electronics at the end of each day. TSI tracks and compensates for all unavoidable carbon emissions associated with business operations.

TSI is certified as a small, women-owned business, Green Business, and Carbon Neutral business.