Tiato Kitchen

2700 Colorado Ave., Suite 190
Santa Monica, CA 90404


GBC 2015-17

Tiato is an eclectic yet modern kitchen/bar & garden venue offering fresh bites on the go, café-style seating, full-service dining, a wine/beer and Asian tapas bar, and outdoor garden seating. Tiato’s commitment to sustainability includes procuring fresh ingredients directly from local California farms. To encourage staff to support their sustainable commitment, Tiato issues a monthly prize for “most sustainable employee” based on their commitment to choosing green commute options, and upholding Tiato’s green policies and advocacy to clients and coworkers.

The Tiato retail market is stocked with healthy and organic “grab on the go” snacks. Anything sold pre-packaged contains either all natural ingredients or is labeled USDA organic. Tiato’s menu includes farm-to-table produce from Weiser and Hernandez Family Farms and eggs from Sunset Ranch, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, and fair trade/organic coffee. Additionally, Tiato grows herbs onsite in their outdoor courtyard for use in the kitchen. It doesn’t get more local than that! They also carry several sustainable wines: Hahn Vineyards located in the central coast, is SIP certified, and the first winery to achieve green certification by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. Tiato’s eco-friendly procurement extends to integrating reclaimed wood into their interior and exterior design: wall panels, picture frames, outdoor tables and patio siding.

For waste reduction, Tiato not only composts pre-consumer food waste from the kitchen via Santa Monica’s R3 Food Scraps collection program – they go the extra step with staff separating unwanted foods and compostable items (such as paper napkins) left on dining tables. Since their 2012 green certification, Tiato has significantly increased their food waste collection while reducing their trash generation to less than 10% ending up in landfill. Another noteworthy green success is Tiato calculated they cut costs after switching to greener, less-toxic alternatives.