1334 Third Street Promenade, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401

GBC 2022-2025

Founded in 2017, Veo has always focused on delivering successful programs characterized by continuous innovation and sustainability. Their mission is to establish micro-mobility as a true transportation system to reduce automotive use and promote widespread utilization of shared alternative mobility in a safe and reliable way.  Veo established its headquarters in Santa Monica in February 2022 and is excited to be part of the community.

To achieve the certification, Veo implemented a new office eco-procurement process to include less toxic cleaners that contribute to healthier indoor air quality such as Seventh Generation dish soap and Lemi Shine chlorine-free multi-purpose cleaner certified by Safer Choice and hand sanitizers containing only ethyl alcohol content. All paper products contain 100% post-consumer recycled content (PCRC) including: Marcal Pro 100% PCRC Facial Tissue and napkins, Seventh Generation Paper Towels made with 100% Recycled Paper, and 100% PCRC copy paper.

Veo’s goal is to be green in all aspects of its local office operations. All employees receive unlimited Veo ride credits to help incentivize eco-friendly commuting behaviors and reduce congestion and GHG emissions. A new Workplace Environmental Policy Statement was written and distributed to all employees with encouragement and suggestions to reducing waste on a daily basis. The staff kitchen is stocked with reusable dishware and silverware. For company events, Veo commits to catering using only reusable dishware. In line with striving to be zero waste, all staff received an employee education presentation deck regarding the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling in the workplace which goes hand-in-hand with a Zero Waste station in the kitchen to separate materials for Trash, Recycling and Organics – for composting food waste.